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Our KICKBOX Workouts


Never tried kickboxing or worked out before? NO PROBLEM! 99% of our members were absolute beginners when they joined. Our classes are fun for EVERYONE, no matter their fitness level, age, experience or ability!


Tired of boring cardio and never seeing any REAL results? Our full body high intensity kickboxing workouts burn fat, build strength and tone all at the same time!


Hate boring workouts? Our 55 minutes kickboxing workouts are the most fun workout you’ll ever have! Let off some steam and punch and kick your way into the happiest and healthiest you’ve ever been!

Windsor's ONLY Smart Fitness Kickboxing Gym!

Our gym is outfitted with cutting edge technology on every single bag to track your entire workout!

Track how hard you hit, how many punches you throw, and all of your workouts in your very own app!

You’ll be able to keep track of your progress, know when you’ve beaten your previous best score, and even when you’ve improved your strength and started hitting harder!

Stay extra motivated during your workout by keeping track of your score on one of our 55” 4K mounted displays!

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Come learn kickboxing in a FUN, BEGINNER FRIENDLY, and NON-CONTACT environment! At Kersey KICKBOX you’ll learn REAL Kickboxing and Boxing WITHOUT getting hit!

Our workout is 55 minutes long (warm up, 8-3 minute rounds, core work) of high intensity kickboxing led by our highly trained coaches. You are NEVER made to do anything you’re not comfortable with!

We have members of ALL ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels and each workout is modifiable for you to go at your own pace! We are 100% BEGINNER FRIENDLY! This is a gym for normal (but awesome) people too! HAVE FUN, GET FIT, and have an AMAZING WORKOUT!

We have 32 professional punching bags and there is no shared equipment, so you are only in contact with yourself the entire time! Every class is led by a coach who will tell you and show you EXACTLY what to do, so there is NO guess work in your workout!

You’ll never feel lost or unmotivated with our coaches guiding you every step of the way, and making sure you have FUN the entire time!

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Burn up to 800 calories per class while having a BLAST!

Kickboxing is the most FUN and HIGH ENERGY workout you’ll ever have!

Kickboxing is a FULL BODY workout that will allow you to BURN FAT, BUILD STRENGTH and TONE UP all at the same time!

Kickboxing KO’s traditional cardio because every single kick and punch you throw you’re toning your muscles and building strength!

This is due to the professional punching bags weighing 100 pounds each, so with every punch and kick, you’re also using your muscles and building strength!

Regular treadmills burn fat, but also burn muscle, and make you LOSE strength. With kickboxing, you’ll get STRONGER every single punch!

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5 Star Reviews

Rachelle P.


I recently signed up with Kersey's and couldn’t be more thrilled.

Brandon and Krista have gone above and beyond by welcoming me into their gym.
Having had a history of boxing, I was excited to get back to the bag.

The classes are fun while also being challenging, keeping all fitness levels in check.

I look forward to working on those kickboxing skills for days to come

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Jill T.


I joined recently and am SUPER impressed by how professional and kind the staff and patrons are at this gym.

I immediately felt welcomed and have been enjoying the intensive classes and upbeat atmosphere.

Highly recommend!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for beginners?

ABSOLUTELY! Every class is 100% beginner friendly and 99% of our members joined when they had never done any kickboxing before, and many had never even worked out before!

Will I get hit?

NEVER! There is no sparring or physical contact with your classmates! You do get to punch and kick our professional punching bags as hard as you want, though!

I’ve never worked out before, can I still do it? 

YES! TONS of our members had never worked out or done kickboxing before joining. You’ll be in good company!

What if I have injuries/medical issues?

Always seek your doctors advice, but every workout is 100% modifiable and you are NEVER made to do anything you do not want, or can not do. You’re always free to sit an exercise out, modify it, or swap it for something else that works for you!

How much is a membership? 

The 7 day trial is 100% FREE! No cost or obligation at all! After your first free class a team member will go over all of our other membership options with you.

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