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Kersey Kickbox Fitness Club Reviews

  • Kersey Kickboxing encourages better health by pushing our limits and constantly encouraging us to do more. The classes are a great way to get some exercise into a pre teen that prefers the couch and a mom who wants to improve her body and help create healthy habits for her children” Thanks to the Kersey team for keeping us on our toes!

    Candace Bellevance
  • After having my second baby in two years, I was really in need of a little time for myself and a good butt kick! Kersey kickboxing did exactly that! In 30 minutes I was able to let out some aggression, restore my mental health and get a good sweat! I have been very happy with the results with only 2 half hour classes a week. I look better, feel more confident about my body!

    Martina Ikiok
  • Kersey Kickbox fitness club has helped with so much. Joining made my life so much better, they taught me how to eat healthy and stay healthy, I'm in so much better health now. Joining is one of the best decisions I've ever made. They make dreams become reality!

    Jessica Mantha
  • You have stress in your life? One hour with the staff at Kersey’s Kick Boxing class and that stress is gone. It is amazing how refreshed you feel after burning 500 to 1,000 calories in one hour. The personal 1 on 1 nutrition plan and counselling is second to none. Krista goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.

    Not only have I toned up my muscles, but I feel good about myself. No more dieting, just healthy eating and exercise go a long way. I used Kersey’s as training for the Tough Mudder Event and my results were amazing.

    Susan Cassidy
  • Joining Kersey Kickbox Fitness Club was one of the best decisions I have ever made. A year ago I set some specific goals for myself: to lose weight, to eat better and to have more energy. I wanted to look and feel better and to set a good example for my children. Once I found Kersey Kickbox I never looked for anything else! These classes are challenging and keep you motivated; Brandon and Krista with their team of instructors make working out worthwhile and fun. I have built muscle, I have lost weight and most of all I have adopted a healthy lifestyle. I love that I have more energy and can be active with my family! I still have a lot of work to do to reach my new goals and with these classes and training I actually WANT to do it! It's awesome!

    Laurel Quinlan
  • I would just like tell everyone my wonderfully experience at Kersey Kickboxing. I'm approaching my fifth year at this highly addictive , fun , rewarding class . I can't believe how far I"ve come since those first months of awkward, uncoordinated, sweaty , sore body classes !! But I was always encouraged and motivated by Brandon and Krista !!! I feel these two people have helped me transform my body and mind into a stronger more confident self. I have gone through a few stressful, difficult times (as we all do) and turning 50 ! But somehow sweating , pushing yourself and your body has been such great therapeutic fun!! Can't imagine my life without my Kersey Kickbox!!!!

    Denise Desjarlais
  • The BEST decision I made 1 year ago was to return to the only place that works if you want to get a total body work out; Kersey's Kickboxing! I love the energy and inner peace that I experience with every class I complete! Thanks to Krista and Brandon for pushing me to my full potential!

    Mary Bannon
  • Kersey kickboxing is a work out like no other I've experienced. Having worked out since 1994 in many different gyms, studios and personal training sessions I have never experienced results like at kersey's. Krista and Brandon have an energy and dedication that is motivating and helps you maintain focus. They always bring such a great positive spirit to their classes. Highly recommended for any and all fitness levels !

  • Such a fun place! The instructors get to know everyone's name and make us all feel welcome. The owners are all hands on and dedicated to our success. They always are keeping up with new stuff and keep things exciting. They encourage everyone at whatever level they are at. After all the gyms, bootcamps, etc, I feel like I finally found my 'people' :)

  • I've had the privilege of knowing Brandon and Krista for many years now but I had no idea how amazing they were as entrepreneurs.  I started at Kersey Kickbox Fitness Club a few years back and I can tell you that I have never had a workout that I not only enjoyed as thoroughly but also have never been so challenged in a workout.  The staff, instructors and ownership truly care about the members.  It is a connected community of members and instructors alike who share ideas and work together to improve the overall experience.  I feel valued as a member here and have never enjoyed my workouts as much as I do here.  The ownership share an amazing amount of experience in martial arts and work diligently to craft classes around the perfect blend of hard work, coordination and discipline.  There is an unparalleled amount of mutual respect among members.  I have never felt judged or intimidated at this club, and I have always been treated well by everyone regardless if I was the only male in the class!  Kersey Kickbox Fitness Club has challenged me more than any other workout and has been the most rewarding.  I could not be happier to be a part of such an amazing club.

  • Positive atmosphere.  All instructors are very knowledgeable, positive and encouraging.   A comfortable place for women to exercise.  You'll walk out every session satisfied that you were pushed to your max.

  • Amazing workouts every class. Love the new facility! Great instructors who motivate you to push to your max!

  • Caring...
    The team treats you excellent.
    Very motivating. 
    A variety of different classes and times to suit anyone's schedule



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