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The 5 Key’s To A Successful 2014 at Team Kersey Kickbox!

The 5 Key’s To A Successful 2014 at Team Kersey Kickbox!

#1. Do it!

You don’t have to want to exercise and it’s OKAY if you do

You don’t have to want to exercise and it’s OKAY if you don’t feel like it but DO IT ANYWAYS!!! Starting is always the hardest part. Don't make excuses for missing workouts. Establish a clear fitness routine and schedule and stick to it! It will be a lot easier once a habit has been developed. Why try when you’re already doing it!

#2. Be Consistent!

Research has shown that consistent and regular exercise has an amazingly positive effect on virtually all aspects of your life. Although consistency is extremely important, so is being realistic. If you attempt to do two-a-day workouts every day but your schedule does not allow you to be successful you miss workouts. Even though you might be exercising every day, chances are you are going to feel inconsistent because of those missed workouts. A better choice is to commit to less workouts and then don’t ever miss them. If you occasionally get in an extra workout that’s great; it’s extra credit! But psychologically, you are much more likely to continue training when you are consistently hitting your planned workouts. “Never, never, never give up,” -Winston Churchill

#3. Health before fitness.

Some people are confused by this concept because they view health and fitness as the same thing. For most people, the ultimate goal is to be healthy and fit but these two things aren’t always simultaneous. We all know someone who isn’t necessarily in good shape but tends to be extremely healthy by traditional standards such as blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat and minimum time spent sick. On the flip side, you can be extremely fit but not necessarily healthy. (Think body builder the day of competition or a beat up professional football player playing injured). The key is to choose an exercise program that puts an importance on your long-term health. We have talked about this before in class. Be that healthy fit person! Find a picture of someone that oozes healthy and a picture of that fit body you want. Take your own picture and put it up in the middle, now you can build on it!

#4. Warm-up Properly

A high percentage of the injuries acquired during physical activity can be traced to an inadequate warm-up. The importance of the proper warm-up increases with age. For most activities, you are warmed up when your heart rate has been elevated 20 to 30 % of your resting heart rate, you are lightly perspiring and most of your everyday aches and pains seem to be non-noticeable. Warming up assists your circulatory system by pumping oxygen rich blood into your working muscles. It is important to slowly increase the circulation throughout your body so you are prepared for the increased demands of exercise. Muscles that are not warmed up tend to not absorb the impact of shock as well and are therefore more susceptible to injury.

#5. Anchor in the feeling

Very few things feel better than completing a good workout. Your stress level is reduced, your endorphins are flowing and there’s a great sense of accomplishment. Remember to take a moment at the end of every workout and anchor in how good you feel. This is especially valuable on days that had a hard time getting started. Sometimes remembering that good feeling is all it takes to get you started the next time you’re not feeling motivated. This is too true, many members return back to us and say “I loved how I felt here and my body has never looked better than when I trained here!” Take a moment to thank yourself for your dedication, perseverance and your small victories…each day counts!

Here’s to a successful 2014 at Team Kersey Kickbox!

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